Addendum to news flash released on May 1, 2018 regarding ERC Resolution on Distribution System Loss Cap

“With reference to our disseminated news flash last 01 May 2018 regarding the ERC Resolution on the Distribution System Loss Cap, the rules therein has segregated the Feeder System Loss from the Substation and the Subtransmission System Loss. A cap was set on the Feeder System Loss while the Substation and the Subtransmission System loss is recognized on an actual basis. Hence, the caps as determined on the matrix, as illustrated above, reflects only that of the Feeder System Loss and for purposes of computing the applicable system loss for each electric utility, the actual Substation and Subtransmission System Loss of a minimum of 1 percent (1%) to a maximum of  2 percent (2%) will be added to the relevant Feeder System Loss Cap applicable to the Distribution Utility.”

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