The First TWG on Bills Proposing to Mandate All Offices to Utilize Solar Energy Held

“The bills proposing the utilization of solar energy  by mandating all government offices and buildings to install solar panels should not interfere with the system and operations of the Distribution Utilities (DUs). “

-Rep. Carlos Roman L. Uybarreta

This was the major concern of Rep. Uybarreta on the first deliberation on 5 March 2018 of the Technical Working Group  (TWG),  formed by the House Committee on Energy. The installation of solar panels to all government building and offices should not stand in the way of the DUs in providing continuous excellent and reliable service to its member consumers.  Moreover, Rep. Uybarreta asked the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) if all of the government buildings and offices are capable and structurally ready for the installation of solar panels. Since there are old government offices and building that needs to be retrofitted before installation of solar panels, these will require additional funds and time.

The TWG also agreed to invite representatives from DUs and from Solar Companies on the next deliberation to give their insights on the said matter.”

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